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What is MPR★K?

Music is the wine that inspires new generative processes, and I am Bacchus who presses this glorious wine for the humanity and make it spiritually inebriate. L.W.Beethoven

Bologna, north of Italy, class 1978; grown up with mortadella and television I’ve always had a weakness for visual arts and rock music. Life led me quite far from it, but these passions have gone along with me and I’ve finally realized that I could express them in a new brand which combines Made in Italy street-wear and artistic pictures inspired from rock motives.
Just because I’ve always thought that life’s like a symphony, with ups and downs of emotions, I’ve created Mama Plays Rock, a metaphorical brand in which Mama symbolize life…and life plays rock!
We’re day-dreamers, and thanks to the artists virtuous hands and their different kinds of style, we’re going to represent a state of mind free from conventions and prejudices, with the shameless tone of Rock and Roll.
You’re gonna find all this in our t-shirts : virtuosism, powerful lines, glamour and vibrant colours that will make original every outfit you’ll choose to wear, because every day everyone has his/her show to play.
This brand is dedicated to all the people who loves, fights, meditates, celebrates, cries, laughs.
Only for fools and dreamers

About Us

Our brand is dedicated to all the people who loves, fights, meditates, celebrates, cries and laughs. To all fools and dreamers.

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Via Chiesa Calamosco 10/12
40127 Bologna - Italy

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