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Conditions of Sale


The offer and sale of MAMAPLAYSROCK products through the e-shop www.mamaplaysrock.shop are governed by the following General Conditions of Sale. The items purchased on MAMAPLAYSROCK are products sold and marked by a trademark owned by MATERIKA, Matteo Malara, registered in the Register of Companies of Bologna, VAT number IT04033351208.


  1. Contract of sale

– These general conditions of sale are an integral and essential part of the purchase contract concluded between you (our customer) and MAMAPLAYSROCK. Your electronic sending of the order implies total knowledge of these General Conditions of Sale and their full acceptance. Please see the returns and refunds section.

– If you do not agree with one or more terms contained in these General Conditions of Sale, please refrain from making purchases on MAMAPLASROCK

– At the time of proceeding with the transmission of the order, you will be warned that such forwarding implies the obligation to pay the price indicated.

– MAMAPLAYSROCK will take charge of your purchase order, reserving the right to refuse in case of unavailability of one or more products chosen, as well in case we notice an excessive number of returns from the same customer. You will receive an e-mail informing you about the status of acceptance or non-acceptance of the purchase order.


  1. Selling prices

– All sales prices of the products displayed and indicated on the site mamaplaysrock.shop are inclusive of VAT and any other tax that may be applicable in relation to the sale; however, they do not include import taxes, customs fees and brokerage fees, if applicable according to the destination of the order. For some destinations, in fact, upon arrival at the border of your Country the content of the order may be subject to customs duties (which may include taxes, duties, management fees, remuneration of customs brokers, etc.), the payment of which is at your expense, as a customer receiving the order.

– The cost of shipping and transport, or other additional costs, if any, will be clearly indicated and displayed before the completion of the order.

– The prices of the products may be subject to updates.





Orders are shipped and delivered exclusively from Monday to Friday and delivery is scheduled in 7 working days from the date of the order, for destinations outside of Italy. In case of absence for two consecutive times the product will remain in stock at GLS-Parcel Shop for a different period of time, according to your Country Policy and it will be your responsibility to collect it and cover the related storage costs. We invite you to consult the GLS-ParcelShop site of your Country for more details. At the end of the forseen days, in case of non-withdrawal, we reserve the right to retain both the products and the amount corresponding to the purchase price of the same, considering the sales contract concluded.

You will receive from the courier an e-mail confirming the departure of your order and a link to follow the status of the shipment step by step.




– For the payment of the products and the related shipping and delivery costs, or other additional costs if provided, you can follow one of the methods indicated in the payments section and then review them in the order. The indications contained in this section form an integral and substantial part of these General Conditions of Sale and, therefore, are considered by you to be fully known and accepted at the time of transmission of the order

– As a customer, you are solely responsible for the data entered, therefore you guarantee to use only credit cards of which you have the legitimate availability.

– In case of choice of the PayPal method, you will be redirected to the site www.paypal.com where you will make the payment of the products according to the procedure provided for and governed by PayPal, and the terms and conditions of the contract agreed between you and PayPal same. The data entered on the PayPal site will be processed directly by the latter and will not be transmitted or shared with MAMAPLAYSROCK which is therefore not able to know and does not store in any way the data of the credit card connected to your PayPal account, or the data of any other payment instrument connected with that account. The total amount due will be charged to you by PayPal at the same time as the conclusion of the online contract. In case of termination of the purchase contract and in any other case of refund, for any reason, the amount of the refund in your favor will be credited to your account PayPal. The crediting times on the payment instrument linked to this account depend exclusively on PayPal and the banking system. Once the credit order has been placed in favor of this account, MAMAPLAYSROCK cannot be held responsible for any delays or omissions in crediting the amount of the refund, to dispute which you must contact PayPal directly.




– MAMAPLAYSROCK assumes no responsibility for disruptions attributable to major force such as, by way of example, delays or strikes of the transport service, accidents, explosions, fires, strikes and / or lockouts, earthquakes, floods and other similar events that prevent, in whole or in part, to execute the contract within the agreed time.

– MAMAPLAYSROCK is not responsible for any fraudulent and illegal use that may be made by third parties, credit cards, checks and other means of payment

– The data entered during the purchase must be exclusively your real and personal data and not of third parties, or fantasy. We reserve the right to prosecute any violation and abuse, in the interest and for the protection of consumers.

– It is strictly forbidden for minors (anyone under the threshold of 18 years or other age, according to your Country laws) to conclude an order on MAMAPLAYSROCK.



MAMAPLAYSROCK reserves the right to modify mamaplaysrock.shop, policies and these General Conditions of Sale at any time to offer new products or services, or to comply with legal or regulatory provisions. By accessing our site and placing an order you will adhere to the policies and terms of the General Conditions of Sale in force at the time the order is placed, unless any changes have retroactive effect by virtue of applicable law (in which case, they may also apply to orders you have previously placed).


International Rates

Andorra-Ceuta-Gibilterra-Melilla* € 55,30
Austria € 8,60
Azores € 50,10
Balearic € 34,30
Belgium € 8,90
Bulgaria € 16,30
Canary Islands* € 55,30
Cyprus € 24,70
Croatia € 13,90
Denmark € 12,20
Estonia € 17,30
Finland € 26,60
France € 13,80
France (Corsica) € 58,80
Germany € 9,00
Great Britain* € 22,50
Greece € 25,00
Liechtestein* € 10,70
Ireland € 21,20
Latvia € 17,30
Lithuania € 17,30
Luxembourg € 9,60
Wood € 40,20
Malta € 24,10
Norway* € 18,60
Holland € 10,00
Poland € 14,80
Portugal € 17,60
Rep. Ceca € 15,10
Romania € 18,10
Serbia* € 13,90
Slovakia € 19,80
Slovenia € 11,60
Spain € 14,80
Sweden € 16,70
Switzerland* € 10,80
Turkey* € 20,60
Hungary € 12,70

(*) Customs operations outside the EU € 50,00
(*) Customs operations Switzerland € 50,00
(*) Customs operations Great Britain – Incoterm 18-50 € 15,00
(*) Customs Operations Turkey € 80,00
(*) Customs operations Great Britain – Other Incoterm € 35

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